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The Friends of Pleasant Bay is a grassroots environmental group dedicated to the preservation of one of Cape Cod's most stunning recreational and ecological resources. Since its founding in 1985 the group has been successful in achieving State designation of the Bay as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, and was instrumental in development and State approval of a Resource Management Plan for the Bay. The Plan identifies the Bay as a regional resource requiring coordinated management of the surrounding towns. To meet this task, the four towns bordering the Bay subsequently formed the Pleasant Bay Alliance. The Friends provide ongoing support for implementation of the Resource Management Plan and host a range of other programs.

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The tides continue their unceasing ebb and flow. Similarly, the work of protecting this magnificent estuary is unceasing. We welcome your support. All who want to take part in preserving this invaluable resource are invited to become Friends.

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The 2015 -2018 Comprehensive Study of The Pleasant Bay Estuary

We are undertaking ambitious research projects to better understand the Bay. 

Through its generous members, the Friends of Pleasant Bay has a 29-year History of funding projects that have positively impacted the Bay. From land protection, by local Land Trusts, to local educational support and environmental research grants covering Bay features from horseshoe crabs to coastal changes. 

Now the FOPB Board of Directors is taking a more proactive approach by initiating 4-studies being carried out by the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, MA. These studies were developed in cooperation with the Pleasant Bay Alliance, the 4-town governmental agency, and State environmental scientists. These projects will provide important baseline information as we look at environmental changes going on now and into the future. 

The Friends of Pleasant Bay
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