FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 12, 2010
CONTACT: John Cotnam

Now in its 23rd year, COASTSWEEP continues to bring thousands of volunteers to the Massachusetts shoreline to participate in the state's annual coastal cleanup and marine debris tracking program. Volunteers not only help to make our shorelines and water bodies cleaner and safer, but they also record information about the types and amounts of debris collected at each site. This information is sent to the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup program where the data is analyzed and used to develop programs aimed at reducing marine debris worldwide. This is the 7th year of the Friends of Pleasant Bay active involvement.

Last year, the Friends of Pleasant Bay volunteers cleaned (about 147 miles) of Pleasant Bay frontage and picked up 149 pounds of trash. There was the same yearly accumulation of food containers, plastic bags, bits of rope, fishing nets, balloons, Styrofoam fragments plus an odd finding of a case of 12 unused shotgun shells.

Saturday, September 25 is the best date for COASTSWEEP 2010 on Pleasant Bay with low tide being late in the morning. The assembly of volunteers will be at 9:30am because work must be done with an outgoing tide so as to finish by noon before the tide starts to come in. Friends of Pleasant Bay has always focused on the Bay's main public access beaches.

The best way to get involved in COASTSWEEP is to lend a hand in cleaning up your favorite beach on Pleasant Bay. The Friends of Pleasant Bay COASTSWEEP cleanup areas include: Strong Island landing and environs, Eastward Ho!, Jackknife Beach, Bay Road Beach, and the beach near Tar Kiln in South Orleans. It goes without saying that the more Friends of Pleasant Bay volunteers we have will determine how quickly we finish and how much shoreline we can cover the shore of Pleasant Bay... FOPB volunteer leaders will be at these sites to distribute materials for recording the amounts and types of trash collected.

This year the Friends of Pleasant Bay are coordinating the effort with the Friends of Chatham Waterways, the Cape Cod Fishermen's Association and the Harwich Conservation Trust. Volunteers should call COASTSWEEP volunteer coordinators John Cotnam (FOPB) at 508-430-7720 or Pat Tarnow (Friends of Chatham Waterways) at 508-945-2603 for complete information, supplies and instructions. The result will be a fun and rewarding day for everyone and a much cleaner Pleasant Bay shoreline. The Friends look forward to welcoming many coastsweepers on September 25 for COASTSWEEP 2010!


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